The Nut rises behind the Ship Inn Stanley as a constant sentinel holding vigil across time. The basalt mass looms imposingly above the township, lying cradled in the folds of the giant’s lap. This generous queen suite rests within The Nut’s embrace and reflects its calm and unwavering presence as a place of peace and respite.

Anchored to the earth with a solidity that betrays the fleeting whimsy of man, beast and ship, this giant basalt mass looms imposingly above the township of Stanley. As the sun rises and falls upon this place that distantly bows towards Argentina’s shores we are reminded of a sentry at the ‘Edge Of The World’.   

If we could only imagine a time 13 million years ago, when The Nut was part of a fiery volcano spewing her fury from the earth, blackening the skies and boiling the seas. With the passing of time the beast has mellowed and the fires have cooled. All that remains of this volatile landscape is a solid basalt core and the fertile volcanic soils of its flanks. The rugged beauty of its sheer-cliffed body stands as testament to the fury that came before, and the inevitable march of time and erosion that wore it down through millennia.



The Nut rises imposingly behind the Ship Inn Stanley, a constant sentinel holding serene vigil across the ages. This generous queen suite rests within The Nut’s century old embrace, reflecting its calm and unwavering presence as a place of peace and respite. With deep moody tones reminiscent of the wild landscape beyond, this is a suite in which to lose track of time. Guests of the Moo-Nut-Re-Ker Suite tend to start the day in their private courtyard soaking in magnificent views of The Nut, or cocooned within the warmth of their indoor dining space.  

from AUD$375 / PER NIGHT

Each tastefully decorated suite features an ensuite, kitchenette with a toaster, coffee pod machine, kettle, microwave, bar fridge and crockery. Your stay includes a simple continental breakfast of fresh baked bread, Tasmanian jams & leatherwood honey, toasted muesli, rhubarb compote, poached apple, Greek yoghurt, milk, juice, and a selection of artisan Tasmanian teas and coffee pods.

Enjoy in the privacy of your suite or take in the fresh salt air and views on the veranda beyond, or the views of the towering Nut from your private courtyard.

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements as we are happy to supply gluten and dairy free options on request.


Amongst all the expected staples, the custom kitchenette includes a coffee pod machine, toaster, microwave and bar fridge.

Full coffee machine is located in the guest lounge.


In the stone stables guests will find a gym & yoga room for their enjoyment.


The stables also house a guest laundry.