Indulge this winter at Ship-Inn Stanley, a historic inn where tales breathe in every corner. Exchange stories by the fire, and let creativity bloom. Write a tale or share your inspiration on a Postcard from our 1900s Billiard Hall, leaving behind a narrative for others to embrace. Savour three nights for the cost of two, plus complimentary muscat.


Hidden directly behind the Ship Inn Stanley is a little-known secret. Glorious gardens lie nestled between the inn’s timeless walls and the very base of The Nut itself.

They will lure you to explore, to unwind, and to imagine. 

As the painstaking restoration of the Ship Inn Stanley unfolded in 2019, so too did a remarkable transformation of the gardens behind. Owners Kerry and Alastair Houston carefully salvaged fragments of the past from the cool soils underfoot, choosing to preserve an array of ancestral relics by safely entombing them within the suites of the inn. The beautiful shards of pottery, old coins, and relics of wondrous glass bottles that lurk within remain to connect you directly to the garden itself. 

From the ruins arose a new era. Alastair, a talented Tasmanian stonemason, handcrafted a myriad of beautiful stone walls. Rich in their local colours and textures, many of the rocks were found on site and have simply been replaced so that one may enjoy them for the eons ahead. They bring with them their own stories from the past, and invite you to create your own memories here by the seaside. 

Carefully planted with a nod to rich English heritage, the Ship Inn Stanley’s gardens are a special place to wander and to lose track of time. Riddled with glorious stonework, stunning timber decks and lush green lawns – one is spoilt for choice. Savour the breathtaking panorama over the bay, linger over a long breakfast, or perhaps lull your cares gently away in the wooden swing. The gardens are a place to breathe in the salt air and dream of yesteryear. 

Time to spare? While away a lazy afternoon with a bottle of Tasmanian wine and a platter of rich local cheeses.

It’s a backdrop to ponder the past. A place to write your own story.