Indulge this winter at Ship-Inn Stanley, a historic inn where tales breathe in every corner. Exchange stories by the fire, and let creativity bloom. Write a tale or share your inspiration on a Postcard from our 1900s Billiard Hall, leaving behind a narrative for others to embrace. Savour three nights for the cost of two, plus complimentary muscat.

Embark on a Grand Tasmanian Circuit: A Luxury Accommodation Tasmania road trip
Luxury Accommodation Tasmania - Ship Inn Stanley

Embark on a journey of opulence through Tasmania, where breathtaking landscapes harmonize with unparalleled hospitality. Our recommendation for an enchanting road trip that weaves through the island’s most luxurious accommodations, including The Tasman in Hobart, Saffire in Freycinet, Stillwater in Launceston, Ship Inn Stanley, Pumphouse Point at Lake St Clair, and finally, the boutique retreat of Islington Hotel. Let this carefully curated Luxury Accommodation Tasmania circuit immerse you in the lap of luxury amidst Tasmania’s natural wonders.

We know what we like in a hotel stay, and our adults only trip will be sure to inspire you to experience Tasmania in the lap of luxury. 

  1. The Tasman, Hobart: Commence your grand odyssey at The Tasman in Hobart, where contemporary elegance meets historic charm. Delight in lavish accommodations and exquisite dining while exploring the cultural riches of Tasmania’s capital. Estimated drive time to Saffire in Freycinet: Approximately 2.5 hours.
  2. Saffire, Freycinet: Next on your itinerary is Saffire in Freycinet, a haven of tranquillity against the Hazards Mountain Range. Indulge in world-class service while surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Freycinet. Estimated drive time to Stillwater in Launceston: Approximately 2 hours.
  3. Stillwater, Launceston: Venture towards Launceston and revel in the culinary delights of Stillwater, located on the banks of the Tamar River. Immerse yourself in the historic charm of this riverside town before continuing your journey to Ship Inn Stanley. Estimated drive time to Ship Inn Stanley: Approximately 3 hours.
  4. Ship Inn Stanley: Experience coastal luxury at Ship Inn Stanley, perched overlooking the sea and the iconic Nut. This boutique accommodation seamlessly blends story-telling history with modern amenities, offering incredible styling and captivating views. Enjoy a complimentary muscat in the guest lounge, once a 1900s Billiard Hall. Estimated drive time to Pumphouse Point, Lake St Clair: Approximately 4.5 hours.
  5. Pumphouse Point, Lake St Clair: Continue your Tasmanian adventure at Pumphouse Point, an architectural marvel on the shores of Lake St Clair. Surrounded by pristine wilderness, this unique accommodation offers seclusion and luxury in the heart of Tasmania. Estimated drive time to Islington Hotel: Approximately 3 hours.
  6. Islington Hotel, Hobart: Complete your circuit in Hobart with the boutique retreat of Islington Hotel. Nestled in an exclusive enclave, this 19th-century property surrounded by lush gardens provides a serene escape within the city. Reflect on the grandeur of your Tasmanian journey as you enjoy the final moments of luxury at Islington Hotel.

Conclusion: This meticulously crafted circuit through Tasmania’s luxury accommodations promises an extraordinary experience. From the cultural allure of Hobart to the dramatic landscapes of Freycinet and Stanley and serene landscapes of Lake St Clair, each destination adds a layer of opulence to your expedition. Let the grandeur of Tasmania unfold before you, leaving you with cherished memories of an unparalleled adventure.

Note: The actual drive times may vary depending on traffic, road conditions, and other factors. It is advisable to check real-time navigation apps for accurate travel estimates.